1. c. 2011 “Before I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder I was possessed by the devil. The local pastor attempted ambushing me with an exorcism. I fled from the church (with the Devil) and sort sactuary* at the psychiatric ward.” *sic

  2. c. 2011 acute autistic agitation

  3. c. 2003 - I’ve been thinking about scouring the Internet for all the plagiarized versions of this picture and compiling them into a v sarcastic book. I’ve easily seen a few hundred out there in my time. Anyone wanna make some shitty recreations of this for it? #icanalwaysmakeyousmile

  4. I’m making some sadsack patches for my sadsack battlejacket.

  5. c. 2008 Wearwolf

  6. c. 2005 Stephen Fry #stephenfry

  7. c. 2010

  8. c. 2011 Sashimi-me

  9. c. 2009 Ayanami

  11. c. 2006

  12. c. 2007 awkward-portrait of @ashleeviolet

  13. Submission for local Brisbane skate/punk MALAISE ZINE.